Mamas Behind Mini Market

- Annika Mead

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to Mini Market, a collective of three forward-thinking mamas with their children as their guide, we are filling the much needed gap as the go-to destination for your stylish minis. With an incredible focus on emerging designers, yet staying true to classic favorites, Mini Market is your one-stop-shop for outfitting your mini. 

We wanted to introduce ourselves as the mamas behind the shop doors!

Andrea Van De Vort spent the first 6 years of her career climbing the ladder in the fashion world downtown Los Angeles.  After falling in love with Del Mar (and her husband who is a Del Mar native), she decided to make the move south and bring a little piece of the LA fashion scene along.  She opened Van De Vort boutique in the Flower Hill promenade 3 years ago, not only because of her love for fashion, but because she saw a major void in the industry.  The idea of Mini Market was born out of that same observation - so many amazing children's brands, yet nowhere local to shop them!  Turns out, her friends (Annika and Laura), shared that same frustration.  After a year of conversations (mostly via text message during nighttime feedings), they decided it was time to pull the trigger!  And Mini Market was born!  Andrea considers Mini Market her third baby, arriving after her first (Van De Vort boutique), and her second, Cannon Wesley, a 15-month happy and hyper toddler who shares a love for fashion, just like his mama. 


 Laura High came to Encinitas from Novato, Ca seven years ago for a 'feet in the sand’ style of life. It was supposed to be short break but a few weeks turned into a few months and then she met Chris and everything changed.  They were married three years later with a baby boy on the way.  After being a hair stylist for eleven years she put up her shears to stay at home with their son Grayson who turns three in August.  Now a family of four with their baby boy number two, Merrick who is six months, Laura was ready for another creative outlet.  After numerous brainstorming sessions with Andrea and Annika, Mini Market began to take shape, a year later with a ’no time like the present’ mindset, Mini Market officially began.  Laura feels that like parents, kids have a style and she wanted to cultivate a place for them to find theirs and help it grow.


Annika Mead, hailing from La Jolla, Ca, currently residing in Encinitas, Ca lives with her husband and two toe-headed children, 1 year old girl, Crosby (aka Sissy La La) and 3 1/2 year old boy, Bridger (aka Bridger Man). Completely in love with all things relevant, including fashion, kids style, design, being at the forefront of anything, this collaboration of mommas was the most natural fit as the store came to fruition. With a background in PR, translating this vision with Laura and Andrea was an absolute dream come true (it wasn't just the wine talking!) Excited to meet you and your minis and experience this adventure together with the community.



Andrea, Laura, Annika 

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